About Spirit Life Fellowship

Our Goal For You!

That you might FIT in the Body of Christ where you belong.


That you might FUNCTION by Divine Design according to your Gifts & Talents.


That you might FLOURISH and be fulfilled as you operate in your calling.

What We Believe


  • THE SCRIPTURES - The Bible is the inspired Word of God.


  • THE GODHEAD - Our God is one, but manifest in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


  • MAN, HIS FALL AND REDEMPTION - Man is created in the image and likeness of God, but through Adam’s transgression and fall, sin came into the world.


  • ETERNAL LIFE AND THE NEW BIRTH - Jesus said in John 3:16, that a man must be born again in order to see or enter into the Kingdom of God.  Being born of God's spirit is how our temporal lives receive eternal life.


  • WATER BAPTISM - How we identify with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection and brings us into the eternal priesthood.


  • THE LORD’S TABLE – This table reflects family; taking our meals together and breaking of bread and drinking of the cup in remembrance of Christ's passion on the cross.


  • BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is THE GIFT from God; promised by the Scriptures and given by the Father to the world through Christ, fulfilling the scriptures.


  • SANCTIFICATION - Our ability through the Holy Spirit to draw closer in our understanding of the gift God has given through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Through this process, we may partake of God's holiness.


  • DIVINE HEALING - Healing is for the physical ills of the human body that is wrought by the power of God and is provided for in the atonement of Christ.


  • THE GREAT COMMISSION - The Scriptures ask us to cooperate with God and go into all the world and proclaim the Good News and make Disciples of every nation.


  • THE RETURN OF OUR LORD - Jesus will return!


  • HELL AND ETERNAL RETRIBUTION - The Bible teaches that God's gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ, but the wages of sin is death. God has done everything to secure our well-being for eternity, but if you refuse the gift, then you pay the price. If you want to know what is on the "price tag", come to Church!


  • MARRIAGE – An institution to be entered into with much consideration and forethought.  According to the Scriptures, it is honorable and the marriage bed is clean.


  • THE ASCENSION GIFTS OF CHRIST – Jesus Himself gave gifts to men upon His ascension. These gifts consist of: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Please note that he gave gifts to men; not men as gifts. There are no special people with special gifts.  We are to share what we have been given to one another until we all reflect the Giver in his fullness. 


  • THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – The Holy Spirit gives supernatural gifts to members of the Body of Christ who have received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit. These gifts also are to aid us in our ability to communicate the Gospel in the same manner as Jesus himself.


What To Expect


  • A casual atmosphere.

  • A place of participation. We invite the congregation to have an active part in our services. It is not about just the Leadership having something to say, but the Body will have input as well. It is about what God wants to happen in the service, not about which people He uses to accomplish His purpose.

  • Many styles of music embracing traditional worship as well as contemporary worship. 

  • The Holy Spirit has an open invitation here. We do our best not to limit God or exhaust the people.  We find consistently, our services run about 2 hours.

  • Relevant Bible Based Teaching & Preaching that is Hermeneutically accurate and applicable to every day life.

  • Freedom to worship as you are comfortable and to participate as you desire; yet with all things being done decently and in order as are the Biblical Guidelines in the New Testament.

  • A sense of family and sharing. We build relationships with each other before, during and after our services and believe very strongly in the word Fellowship, which in the Greek is the word: Koinoinia which means: fellowship, association, community, communion, commonality and joint participation.

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